Pool & Spa

Harwil Flow Switches are used by almost all of the major pool equipment and spa manufacturers in the world.  Harwil Flow Switches are a critical part of the new generation of salt water chlorine generators which are used to replace adding chlorine to a swimming pool. The titanium plates in the generator must have water flowing across them when operating. The Harwil switch ensures that the proper amount of water is flowing eliminating potential damage to these expensive plates or chlorine gas build-up. Harwil Flow Switches are the choice of the best pool and spa equipment manufacturers.  Use only the Harwil Switch specified by the original equipment manufacturer.

Harwil flow switches are also used with pool and spa water heaters. If the heater started without sufficient water flow the heating system would quickly be damaged.  Only the Harwil Flow Switch ensures that there is exactly the right water flow as specified by the heater manufacturer. The Q-12DS Model and the Q-8DS flow switches are used by companies such as Pentair, Jacuzzi, ClearSwim, Coates Heater, Raypak, Rheem, and Lochinvar to name a few. Some companies use a pressure switch in place of a flow switch to save money. You are taking a risk with your expensive equipment using a pressure switch. The there are dozens of no-flow or low-flow conditions where a pressure switch will fail and you will be replacing expensive pool equipment. Use a flow switch for flow and a pressure switch for pressure.

Applications:  Spa Heaters, Pool Heaters, Pool Salt Chlorinator, Chlorine Injector, Hot Tubs, Pool Ozonator, Spa Ozonator, Ozone Controller

Models Used: Q12DSQ-8DS