Pool & Spa Switches

Harwil Pool and Spa flow switches sense FLOW independent of pressure or temperature. They are superior to pressure switches since often a system may have pressure but not flow. Without the flow of water, chlorine generators, heaters or pumps will fail. Flow switches should be used when system pressure is at or below the threshold of reliable pressure switch operation. Use Harwil Pool and Spa flow switches to protect chlorine generators, heaters and pumps.

Harwil Pool and Spa flow switches are specially manufactured of materials resistant to chemicals typical of swimming pools and spas such as chlorine, sodium chloride and muriatic acid. They are used by many chlorine generator, pool heater and portable spa manufacturers.

We are excited to add a new Temperature Sensing flow switch to our successful line of Pool and Spa flow switches. This feature may be used for a temperature indicator for customer convenience, or to determine salt concentration requirements for salt chlorine generators.

Direct replacement flow switches are available for all OEM original applications.

All Harwil pool and spa flow switches are component recognized by Underwriter’s Laboratory for United States and Canada.



Q-8DS 1″ NPT, 5-20 GPM, 1″-3″ Pipe, 15 amp
Q-12DS 1/2″ or 3/4″ NPT, 3-27 GPM, 1″-2″ Pipe, 0.5 amp