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Chemical Resistance of Metals, Plastics & Rubber Materials

The recommendations listed on the following pages are based upon information from material suppliers and careful examination of available information and are believed to be accurate. However, since the resistance of metals, plastics, and rubber materials (elastomers)  can be affected by concentration, temperature, the presence of other chemicals and other factors, this information should be considered as a general guide rather than an unqualified guarantee. Ultimately the customer must determine the suitability of the materials used in various solutions.

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Chemical Resistance of Plastic Resins

The results shown herein are typical results that have been obtained in laboratory tests using bars molded from typical lots of resin. These results are for natural colors only. The addition of additives may alter some results.

In addition, design, processing methods and equipment, environment and other variables may affect actual part performance.

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Chemical Resistance of Various Rubber Materials (Elastomers)

The following pages are offered as a general guide and inspection of the suitability of various elastomers in use today for service in these chemicals and fluids. The ratings are based, for the most part, on published literature of various polymer suppliers and rubber manufacturers but, in some cases, they are the considered opinion of experienced compounders. We cannot guarantee their accuracy nor assume responsibility for use thereof. Several factors must always be considered in using a rubber part in service.

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Q-12 Flow Sensing Blade

Model Q-12 Flow Switch employs a 316 Stainless target blade which is inserted into the fluid flow which produces a drag force on the target blade which is then displaced in a downstream direction. Fig. I illustrates the basic configuration of this design approach.

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