About Harwil

Who We Are and What We Do

Customers have depended on Harwil for over 60 years to deliver highly-reliable flow and level switches. Our mission is to help our customers succeed by providing them with dependable products and some of the quickest shipments in the industry.

Our products are versatile and used in industries ranging from Pool & Spa to Heavy Equipment, and Water Treatment applications. We work with our OEM customers to provide the best overall system solution to reduce field failure incidents and their associated quality costs.  
We strive to source domestically as much as possible and proudly maintain our manufacturing facility here in the USA.

Whether you are looking for a small batch of parts or need advice on a new project design help us understand your application and we will work with you to discuss your options.

Contact Us

We strongly believe in maintaining a clear and open line of communication with our customers.

In that spirit we avoid menu driven voicemail systems and answer your calls with a live person from our US office as much as possible.

Our order desk is open 8:00am to 4:30pm (PST), Monday through Friday.

We can also be reached via E-Mail at harwil@harwil.com

Technical Application Assistance

In depth technical information to help you select the optimum HARWIL product is available:

  • Tel: (805) 988-6800, E-Mail: harwil@harwil.com
  • We can modify standard units for special applications.
  • We also design and manufacture completely new models for O.E.M applications.
Emergency Deliveries

Please contact us as soon as possible if you need an emergency replacement. We strive to minimize disruptions to our customers whenever possible.