Chillers & Boilers

When chilling or heating liquids in high input / output systems, you need to ensure that the liquid (usually water or glycol) is flowing or it could freeze, boil or vaporize. Many manufacturers of these types of equipment use the Harwil Flow Switches to verify that there is sufficient liquid flow. Harwil switches don't just indicate flow, but can actually indicate a specific minimum or maximum flow rate. Multiple switches can be used to indicate a range of flow rates. One water heater manufacturer extended their warranty to the longest in their industry because Harwil switches keep the heater running at the optimum water flow rate which reduces the depositing of minerals. The Harwil Flow Switch allowed them to double their heater warranty because the water deposits were greatly reduced. Virtually all of our flow switches Q-8Q-16Q-5 and Q-12 are used by chiller and heater manufacturers depending on their individual requirements. The Q-12 Flow Switch can even contain and thermistor or thermocouple so at a single connection in the water line you can monitor both flow and temperature. Our flow switches are Noryl, Fortron, Brass or Stainless Steel.

We specialize in manufacturing switches that are assembles and calibrated exactly to your specifications. We adapt our parts to fit your application so you don't have to adapt. Our level switches are used to maintain and verify liquid levels in tanks and reservoirs. Most of Harwil's Flow Switches have UL 508 for Industrial Control Equipment and some have UL 353 for Limit Controls and are tested and recognized under these UL standards.

Applications: Chillers Water and Glycol, Water Heaters, Ice Thermal Storage
Models Used: Q-8Q-16Q-5 and Q-12