Water Treatment

Harwil's Flow and Level Switches are ideal for water treatment and all of the resins used are NSF listed for drinking water applications.  The most common use is for chlorinating or conditioning drinking water from a well or a storage tank. A Flow Switch is used to detect the water flow, usually when a faucet in the home is opened, which turns on a chemical feed system or some other type of water treatment. Harwil has created a full line of Chemical Feed Controllers (CF112, CF-12, CF-8) that are very easy to install and use.  These just are installed on the main water line and they turn the Chemical Feed Pump on and off as water is used in the house. Harwil has models for any application and pipe size.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems use a water storage tank for the treated water. Lever Switches are used to keep the water storage tanks full, turning on the RO system as treated water is needed in the storage tank. Any of Harwil's Noryl or Fortron Level Switches can be used with RO water (L-21N, L-30N, L-40N). The L-21N Level Switch is perfect and offers a 1, 3 or 5 inch differential in the water level.  It has a 15 amp capacity to control the RO pump.

You may have a water storage tank for your water at your residence or work. The tank uses level switches to control the water level. These switches are connected to the pump that fills the tank with signal wires. .

Applications:  Drinking Water, Well Water, Reverse Osmosis, Water Treatment, Water Purification

Models Used: CF112, CF-12, CF-8, L-21N, L-30N, L-40N