Car Wash, Carpet Cleaning and Power Spraying

Just about every carpet cleaning truck in the world relies on Harwil Liquid Level switches. The L-21N Level Switch has been the industry standard level switch for years because; 1) it has no seals, so it can't leak; 2) it has up to a 5 inch hysteresis so pumps don't cycle too often and the water motion does not make it switch when it shouldn't; 3) it's super durable and can bounce around in the back of the cleaning truck for years. The world’s carpets would all be dirty if it weren't for the L-21N. In many of these cleaning systems the water is heated and our flow switches are used to detect sufficient water flow so the heater can turn on without overheating. The levels of the soaps and chemicals are monitored and controlled with our level switches. It normally requires 2 level switches to control fluid levels in a tank, but with the L-21N Level Switch, you only need one. The L-21N Level Switch has a 15 amp capacity so you can run a pump or solenoid directly from level switch; no relays or controls are needed.

Applications: Carpet Cleaners, Power Washers, Steam Cleaners, Water Heaters, Chemical Injectors
Models Used: L-21NL-40NL-30NQ-8Q-12Q-16